Economic, Social and Regional Development

Internationalization, Global Competition and Clustering

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and TDZs

Training Workshops

1. Economic, Social and Regional Development

Business Factory serves in different fields on economic, social and regional development projects both in Turkey and international market together with the high quality team experienced in public and private sectors in different kind of expertise areas.

Within the framework of technical assistance projects, Business Factory collaborates with both beneficiary and project team in an integrated and modular way starting from the project beginning and continues in implementation processes up until closing the project. Business Factory aims to sustainable economic and social development for the regions served by increasing the level of companies’ competences in internationally and nationally.

Until today, Business Factory has been operating in many different regions in different thematic with beneficiary institutions and organizations according to needs, expectations and priorities .

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2.Internationalization, Global Competition and Clustering

Business Factory experts have been working in the field of cluster and internationalization more than 10 years together with national and international partners. Under cluster projects, it is aimed to support the cluster (companies and organization) in strengthen the value chain structure and increasing international competitiveness.

As a result of evaluation of local dynamics together with right factors within the framework of the value chain approach, developing the competiveness level of the companies has been evaluated the most important factor in the regional competitiveness.

In the most recent years, accepted as a one of the most important tools in regional competitiveness, the cluster approach is being used effectively in Turkey.  Assessed in a political framework by many ministers, the clustering approach is being used to support to develop competitiveness of companies by business support mechanisms.

In this framework, Business Factory can present many services to reach effective solutions to its stakeholders in many stages of cluster projects.

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3. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Development Zones

In globalized world for the international competition, the concept of  “New Product or Service Development” becomes popular since it brings a step forward in the market and a value for the company. In this direction, it is impossible to not to think the concept of innovation in all stages of business processes including finished products and services.

Technology Development Zones are the most important investments to increase the amount of projects on value added products and services specifically for the new start-ups. Besides, their ecosystem also support innovation driven entrepreneurship.

Regarding this concept, Business Factory also gives importance on being in touch with Technology Development zones to support entrepreneurship and innovation fields. Specifically, working areas of BSS is innovative entrepreneurship to increase the institutional capacity of technology development zones and to provide more efficient services.

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4. Training Workshops

Training Program Designing is like a preparation for a delicious dinner organization for Business Factory; selecting the menu according to the guests, reaching right recipes related to the menu, bringing good resources together from the in fresh fruit and vegetables, establishing a nice atmosphere for the dinner including the music and the place, implementing the service with a qualified team, last but not least monitoring the delivery whole evening and collecting feedbacks at the end of the dinner.

In methodologically,

  • Every training workshop demand is evaluated within the framework of the project-based approach of BSS and suggested training workshop will be according to the dynamics of the group.
  • Business Factory aims interactive learning techniques instead of giving importance to much theoretical information.
  • The format of the workshops is based on know-how sharing and awareness rising on the competences and capabilities of the participants.
  • The activities are designed to support of the increase the active participation and easiness

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