Company Profile


The Business Factory is a support company that gives services especially to start-ups, business support mechanisms, public institutions and organizations in order to provide solutions in their development areas.

Together with interdisciplinary expertise, Business Factory offers practicable solutions and recommendations that can create turning points in the activities and projects of their partners.

Business Factory is a company that have both national and international networks in order to create long-term applicable progress for the suggested strategies to their partners.

Not just work,
“Project Design” ideas….

Working Discipline

Business Model

Project Design
Business Factory considers every business in a project-based discipline. This creates a holistic picture and we think each components of the business as a separate project.

Modular and Integrated Services
While Business Factory is providing services, we’re taking into consideration every problem within its own dynamics and integrated our own experiences to the way of solution.

Multiplier Effect
Business Factory plans solutions and proposals to reach a benefit and aims to create value for socio-economic development in the regional and social context.

We give importance to offer long-term solutions.

Standardized Quality
We pay attention to delivery of every our work and project in accordance with the quality of the Business
Factory; and we offer this quality as a standard, not a privilege.

Operating System

In the Business Factory, we act according to a systematic plan that we have already set. In the first stage, we learn about the “Need, Expectation and Priority” of our customers. Then we ensure that the project takes place step by step through the stages of Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.